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About us

We created WhyNotDenim because we believe that denim deserves more attention than it gets these days. It’s also that You, wearing denim, deserve more attention.

At the same time, the core of our philosophy is to make all our clothes functional, practical and convenient for everyday use.

From classic bestsellers to customized items and our reworked collections – it’s always much more than just off-the-shelf items you are so much used to.
We wanted to prove that denim clothes can not only be manufactured in huge bulks by giant companies, which undoubtedly makes them drab and faceless, but rather can be deliberately and methodically designed by inspired professionals and individuals.
As a result, it’s not just our brand but every single item we create that has its own story and its personal touch.
It goes without saying that with this main principle, we are very confident about the quality of our clothes and materials.
True denim lovers will fully appreciate that, when they get hold of our products.

But that’s not all…

From the very outset, we decided to hardwire sustainability into our production. It is not just a fad for us. This was in our foundation.
For that reason, our reworked collections are the most sophisticated in the market in terms of the amount of creativity and technology we put into them. We strive for zero-waste production when every single bit of material gets re-used.
As the best proof of our commitment to sustainability, you get the warranty no one else on the market can wholeheartedly afford – free repair of jeans for life.

Our next big thing is customization.
This is where we are the enablers, and you are the decision-maker.
This is where we are the pioneers and you are the explorer.
We want you to dare… we urge you to try.
It’s your first real chance to create your own, truly unique clothes.
It’s very straight-forward and convenient, like everything else we do.
Try it, play with it.
After all, why not?